POP Foundation Beginnings

The POP Foundation was founded in 2016 by the Hopper family. Brad has always been passionate about the bush, and came to realise when he was unwell, the struggle faced by rural and regional families to access medical services and support for families while away from home.

It was this realisation which inspired the creation of a charity that could independently help families facing hardship. A charity that could step in and offer support in any form required.

POP Foundation’s mission is to support the lives of children and their families in rural and regional Australia, in times of difficult personal, medical or financial circumstances.

Our caring and compassionate team offer support with integrity and patience. We look for ways to offer assistance which are outside the box in order to make the biggest difference in struggling families lives.

No assistance package is the same as we assess each case on its own circumstances and tailor our packages to offer the best support. Because POP Foundation is self-funded we can work with whoever we need in order to offer the best level of support for rural and regional families in times of crisis.