When was POP Foundation established?

The Foundation was established in November 2016 by Brad Hopper and his family to help other families that are doing it tough.

How do we support children and their families?

POP Foundation supports children and families in a wide variety of ways depending on the individual situation. We pride ourselves on thinking outside the box when it comes to our support and treat each case as unique.

What areas of Australia do we support?

POP Foundation supports families in all rural and regional areas within Australia.

How many children and families do we assist?

POP Foundation supports children and families experiencing hardship, and we assess each application on a case-by-case basis. We work with fewer families to make a bigger difference, rather than offer minimal support for many families.

How do I contact POP Foundation?

You can call or email our Foundation Manager Monique via phone or email.

p. 0422 305 255.

e. monique@popfoundation.org.au

Do we take donations?

Donations made to POP Foundation are tax deductible, and we can provide a receipt for any donation over $2. We are a self-funded charity and do not seek donors or sponsorships however, any, and all donations are welcome as they allow us to support even more rural and regional families.

Can I volunteer with POP Foundation?

POP Foundation is a small, family run and managed charity and do not require volunteers. We do support a number of other charities who are regularly looking for volunteer support.

These charities include:

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