The POP Foundation is filled with amazing kind people that were able to support myself and my family financially and emotionally throughout my journey. I was diagnosed with Aggressive Breast Cancer in 2017. I was 34 years old with 2 daughters my oldest daughter Brooke was 14 and my youngest daughter Sahara was only 4. My Husband Dan and I have a mobile mechanical and hairdressing business in outback Queensland. We were already stretched financially and this was the last thing we were prepared for, for one of us to get sick, we thought we were safe with age on our side.

The POP Foundation came to our rescue, helping us pay bills and loan repayments. This took unbelievable pressure off my family so I could focus on my treatment and getting well. POP Foundation did not stop there with their generosity; they also paid for my girls to do different activities whilst we lived in Brisbane for 5 months.  Even though I am now back home POP Foundation continue their support, even if it’s just to check how I am going.

They are such a supportive foundation with real people and huge amazing hearts. Without their help my treatment and recovery would not have been as successful. I am truly grateful to Monique and the POP Foundation for being there in one of my toughest battles  –  Maree

I would like to sincerely thank Monique and the POP Foundation for their kind and generous support in assisting my children and I through tough times we have been facing in Tasmania.  

I am recently widowed after losing my husband of 15 years suddenly to a late diagnosis of cancer in 2016.  My husband passed away just 3 weeks following his diagnosis (the day before my 36th birthday).  

Together we have 4 children, 13, 11, 6 and 5.  My youngest son Levi has Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, anxiety and is severe asthmatic.  At this time, Levi had no support plan in place with the NDIS, so there was no funding available even for continence aids.

Life went completely upside down overnight when I lost my husband, with suddenly no daddy around anymore for the children, I was thrown into the demanding roles of being a full time disability carer, taxi, educator, gardener, cook, house cleaner, care-taker and mechanic.  As a sole parent to my kids, I had to quickly learn to to do things for myself as I couldn’t afford to pay anyone to help me. 

We lived 90 minutes away to therapies and supports for Levi, so getting to such appointments was practically and financially impossible due to being so isolated.  The kids schools were an hour away from our property, and the bus stop each day was 20 minutes away, which took it’s toll on me.  If the car broke down – we stayed home, if someone got sick – we stayed home, or if I wasn’t feeling too good – we stayed home.  As a result of this, my kids missed out on necessary appointments with support workers, psychologists, school and respite activities.  We also couldn’t afford eating out, buying new clothes, school uniforms, child car seat/harness for Levi, let alone a new set of tyres for the car.

With assistance from the POP Foundation, we were able to have all those necessary things we needed to make life easier, have our car fixed, as well as move house so that we were closer to supports and schools for the kids.

I would also like to acknowledge the ongoing support that Monique and POP Foundation has provided to Smart Pups in helping us to get an Assistance dog, for Levi that will enable him to become more flexible, have companionship, provide safety at home and school, and assist him to better manage his anxiety and ADHD.  We are so excited and looking forward to welcoming our furry companion into our family next year.  Thankyou so much and God bless you. – Bettina, September 2018